Workshops & Publications

I deliver live and virtual workshops through Zoom combined with yoga at Satya Yoga,  Union Yoga, The Practice Lounge, DePaul University and to benefit P.I.N.K.K. and Grateful For Life.  Please contact me for your next corporate or group event. 

Mindfulness At Work

My Mindfulness Workshop introduces tools to develop a Mindfulness practice individually or it can be used as part of your corporate wellness program introducing breath-work, meditation and/or gentle movement to your day.  See my article published in West Michigan Woman below.

The Art of Gratitude:  How The Words "Thank You" Can Change Everything

My Gratitude Workshop focuses on tools to enhance your current Gratitude Practice or help you launch your practice.

Flying By the Seats of Their Skirts

My story of the impact of Kindness and how one act changed my path written by me and published on page 35 titled Awakening.

P.I.N.K.K. Newsletter

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do.  See my story here.  Know I am committed to helping more people like you, every day.