Angie is an agile thinker who is excellent in helping leaders recognize and unstick their decision-making biases.
-Berto Sciolla, EVP and Chief Production Officer, Holburn Corporation

Angie was the guiding force that supported me through my career rough patch. She's helping me see the light, dissolve old thinking patterns and look inward.  She strikes the perfect balance between compassion and assertiveness. She is  a gentle and beautiful strong soul who innately gets what I am going through and guides me to a higher place.  Without me even asking, she sends me  materials and resources which are exactly what I need in that moment because she listens thoroughly. You'd be lucky to work with her.
-Traci O'Brien

If there's anyone that can help you to navigate your career or life changes , it is Angie!  She is an experienced corporate executive with great business and life perspective.  She employs real-life strategies to move you forward, whether you are just stuck in a temporary place or making sweeping career changes.  It takes a good listener to be a successful career coach and Angie is a nice blend of patient contemplation and success driven strategies.  If you're contemplating a career or life change, I would not hesitate to seek Angie's expertise.  You won't regret it.
-Kim Chapin
General Reinsurance Corporation 

I have worked with Angie on a professional capacity and she has always demonstrated full commitment to the development of others around her.  Her boundless energy is always poured into others in ways that engage and inspire and she will not give up until she sees the light bulbs going off.  She was an incredible partner to me, and I am sure she will be  with everyone she teams up with moving forward.
-Mark Jankowski President, Amplified Learning
Chair Circles of Excellence

I have had the privilege of working with Angie for several years.  She is a remarkable human being with a proven track record in helping others achieve their professional goals.  Angie has a supportive style and works with her clients holistically understanding that work life balance  creates strength and growth begins there.  I am grateful for Angie‚Äôs contribution to my personal growth and development and working with her to support the growth of many professionals at all stages of their careers.
-Ann Marie Sidman
Organizational Development and Learning Leader
Insurance and Financial Services

Angie's breadth of knowledge in relationship development and coaching is evidenced by the years of corporate learning and development experience she has.  Her supportive, insightful nature contribute to the growing number of people that come to her for guidance.

I worked with and for Angie in various functions during my career at Gen Re.  Angie is incredibly talented in mentoring, organizing thoughts and ideas and coaching. She has a very nurturing style that makes everyone feel welcome, yet she can recognize people's strengths and weaknesses and helps them hone in on their abilities.  Angie's dedication to her work is remarkable.  When we worked on a career development council together, she was able to breakdown, assess and devise more appealing career paths and learning opportunities for employees of various tenured backgrounds.
-Marielle Stewart
General Reinsurance

Angie is one of the most trustworthy and supportive people I know.  She focuses on the positive as she helps clients work through their career challenges
-Liz Berge

I had the pleasure to work with Angie on numerous training events as part of our career development team. She prides herself on not only being as efficient as possible, but also ensuring that the content being delivered will result in a truly productive session.  Her attention to detail ad ability to stay on task is unsurpassed!