Mindful Coaching: Unfolding the Journey of YOU

When you need guidance on your path, turn to the Well-being coach with a holistic approach and a name you can trust. I’ll be there with you uncovering your possibilities one step at a time.

My Mission
I strive to empower people to uncover possibilities within themselves they never knew existed utilizing a holistic approach integrating mind, body and spirit.  I incorporate the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic Science to tailor a personalized Health plan for you.  I combine this with Meditation guidance to develop or enhance your  Spiritual practice. 

My Values
Each time I take on a new client, I make sure it aligns with my core set of values so I know I can deliver great results.  My core values are:  Truth, Trust, Authenticity, Integrity, Leading From My Heart and Kindness.


There is power in the present moment.  There is value in pausing, taking a breath, and being here now.  Click the "Read More" button to view my article in West Michigan Woman titled "Finding Mindfulness in the Workplace."  Contact me for your individual or corporate wellness needs bringing virtual teams together through breath-work, gentle movement, and/or meditation.

Who Could Benefit From A Well-being Coach?

  • Corporations looking to enhance their employee wellness programs
  • College students struggling to determine what field to choose to launch their career 
  •  Women returning from maternity leave and wondering how to maintain work/life balance   
  • Individuals looking to make changes in their exercise or diet routines
  •  Individuals looking to launch or enhance their spiritual practice
  • Retirees searching for their next chapter

Transitions in life are constant.  Whenever a change occurs, there is a need to pause and determine what next step is right for you.  I can help you reflect upon what is important to you, determine your strengths, weigh your choices and guide you on your path.

Want to know more?

Please contact me for a 30- minute free introductory session.  What are you waiting for?  If you are here NOW, listen to your intuition and contact me.  I look forward to hearing your story! 
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