Mindful Coaching: Unfolding the Journey of YOU

When you need guidance on your path, turn to the Well-being coach with a holistic approach and a name you can trust. I’ll be there with you uncovering your possibilities one step at a time.

My Mission
I strive to empower people to uncover possibilities within themselves they never knew existed utilizing a holistic approach integrating mind, body and spirit.  I incorporate the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic Science to tailor a personalized Health plan for you.  I combine this with Meditation guidance to develop or enhance your Spiritual practice. 

My Values
Each time I take on a new client, I make sure it aligns with my core set of values so I know I can deliver great results.  My core values are:  Truth, Trust, Authenticity, Integrity, Leading From My Heart, and Kindness.


There is power in the present moment.  There is value in pausing, taking a breath, and being here now.  Click the Amazon Link to purchase my new book, A YEAR IN BALANCE: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Next Right Step.  Contact me for your individual or corporate wellness needs bringing virtual teams together through breath-work, yoga, Ayurvedic wellness consultations, and/or meditation.


Who Could Benefit From A Well-being Coach?

  • College students struggling to determine what field to choose to launch their career 
  •  Women returning from maternity leave and wondering how to maintain work/life balance   
  • Individuals looking to make changes in their exercise or diet routines
  •  Individuals looking to launch or enhance their spiritual practice
  • Retirees searching for their next chapter

Transitions in life are constant.  Whenever a change occurs, there is a need to pause and determine what next step is right for you.  I can help you reflect upon what is important to you, determine your strengths, weigh your choices and guide you on your path.


What are the benefits of Corporate Yoga and/or Meditation?

  • Enhanced employee wellness programs as part of the employee benefits package to attract new talent and retain existing talent
  • Provides a method to unite remote teams
  • Improves mental health of employees as well as productivity
  • Reduces stress levels of associates
  • Can reduce total employee health care costs

Want to learn more about which Personal or Corporate Service is right for you?

Please contact me for a 30- minute free introductory session.  What are you waiting for?  If you are here NOW, listen to your intuition and contact me.  I look forward to hearing your story! 
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